Yard Investment Holdings is a South African based private equity focused investment house. We are shareholder funded enabling us to deliver capital investment, strategic insight and the expertise to actively help businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Using a permanent capital structure and family office values, our advantage is in our ability to be patient longer-term investors. We understand the challenges businesses and owners face in the South African context and what is required to be a value-add partner. Through our partnership approach, and our deep understanding of local market dynamics, we grow with you.

“Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.”

Bertrand Russell


We are patient investors, investing our own capital. and our independence allows us to have a longer-term investment outlook. Using a lens of sustainable growth, we focus on fostering long-term partnerships ensuring that benefits accrue to all stakeholders.

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We remain committed to the geographical diversification of our portfolio.

Through our network and relationships with investee companies and partner funders we continue to have access to deal pipeline in Africa. This offers a unique opportunity to facilitate continental investments as a (value add) partner and co-investor.

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Cumulatively, the team has significant experience in deal structuring, banking, finance and law and team members have been part of a number of successful transactions across the full spectrum from deal origination, execution, monitoring and exit.

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